Monthly Archives: August 2007

Interview: Placebo

On behalf of Native Instruments, the major German manufacturer of software musical instruments, I get to interview artists about how they use the computer to pursue their form of cultural practice. Recently, I interviewed Bill Lloyd, live band member and sound designer of Placebo.
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Album: Laura Palmer – Background

The good folks over at the netlabel Thinner have a great new release. Laura Palmer’s “Background” exemplifies what the overused term ambient house can still signify today. The background is indeed the key in this album. It holds all the minimal microrhythms which essentially make the bassdrum feel refreshingly unessential. Download the album here.

Conference: netaudio Berlin 2007

October 5-7, 2007. The yearly netaudio festival has been established as a focus point for the international online music scene. The gathering combines performances with discussions and lectures. This year, the festival comes to Berlin, home to many netlabels and a hub for international online music infrastructure. My contribution will be a lecture on networked organizational strategies in an environment as uncertain as today’s music cultures.
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