Conference: The Methodologies of the System

September 4-6, 2008, at the University of Hohenheim. The main focus will be on the combination of empirical research methods and the evolution of sociological systems theory. From the Call for Papers:

“It has been researched about most social phenomena as well as they have been described from the perspective of systems theory – and yet those two areas of sociology, systems theory and empirical research remained mainly ignorant towards each other. General reproaches of theoretical or empirical blindness too often collide. This leaves important potentials unused. The theory-based development of empirical methods as well as the empirical richness of social theory – especially this of systems theory – and thus the contribution of sociology to current problems of society have to rely on the bridge of methodology. Therefore the conference aims at pushing forward the dialogue between systems theoretical conception and empirical observation by broadening and deepening it.”

So, the University of Hohenheim sounds like an interesting place to be in the first week of September. Find out more at the Study Group Functional Analysis.
Download the Call for Papers

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