Monthly Archives: August 2008

Interview/Feature: Radiohead

When Radiohead stopped by in Berlin on their world tour, I had the great opportunity to get up close and personal with their stage setup. Their really nice keyboard tech Russ Russell showed me around all the details, including the cleverly devised backline (with lots of Native Instruments software) and the astonishingly experimental Max/MSP / synthesizer station at the stage center. One other aspect I wish I would have had the time to check out in detail is the light system. It’s built using the most advanced LED technology, and it runs entirely off a battery they keep in a truck behind the stage. According to the technicians, this is the most energy-efficient way to run a stadium-sized lighting system so far, and they plan to proliferate the technology to other eco-conscious bands as well.
Full interview
More information on the lighting system

New coding project: GSB Script

On the coding page, a new project written in Max/MSP is now online. It is designed to make the work with concatenated distinctions as described in George Spencer Brown’s “Laws of Form” more convenient by automatically generating visual arrangements from a simple script. The program is available as standalone application for both Windows and Mac OS platforms.