The Eastern Spree Banks: A Berlin Heterotopy II


Photo by Bar 25

The banks of the river Spree in the Eastern part of Berlin are home to a diversity of clubs, music venues, art projects, and cultural practice in general. The activity in this area contributed a lot to equip Berlin with the identity it now enjoys as a global hotspot for new developments in electronic music and contemporary art.

Come 2009, the grounding for all this is in danger of being erased as the major development plan called “Mediaspree” will be enforced. Bulldozers will tear down locations like the world-famous Bar 25 if nothing happens. And a lot has already happened. A referendum was held in the districts affected by the development plan, and the vast majority cast their vote renouncing the execution of the plan. However, this did not have any legal implications for the Berlin Senate, and they are determined to go ahead with the destruction of this cultural heterotopy in the middle of Germany’s capital.

There is another online petition to save Bar 25, but there’s no reason to believe this will have a bigger impact on the decision makers than the huge public referendum.

Ironically, Berlin’s apparent attractiveness to investors in the media business is largely owed to the work that was done and the things that happened in the very area now bound to be torn down.
Check out and/or sign the petition here

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