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Distant Shore – The Anti-Facebook

Video courtesy The Blimp Pilots

With the arrival of distant shore for the iPhone, there’s finally a distinct alternative to the Facebook style of this secong-gen web of our lives. While Facebook tries to achieve full inclusion of its users under their real names, Distant Shore’s design is just as utopian, but takes an entirely different route. There, the high-profile, involved communication scheme of mixed up privacy and business agency, here the ultimate laissez-faire of an empty beach. In an endless summer, you walk the endless shores, collecting shells and the occasional message in a bottle from the sand. Messages do not contain any information about their sender, and one’s answer is transmitted in the same anonymity. Five collected sea shells earn one sending of a message by throwing a bottle into the water. But it is still a web, for answers will indeed reach the correct recipient.

Distant shore is an experience of complexity, stripped down to a relaxing core. You can ask everyday or philosophical questions, without involvement and virtually “no strings attached”. The form of communication offered by Distant Shore might just be the right way to spend a mellow night after a long hard day over at Facebook.
Distant Shore