Coding Projects

On this page, I publish some of my recent projects created in Max/MSP and Pd as freely downloadable abstractions (to be used in Pd) and as executables for Mac OS and Windows.

GSB Script 0.6
This application draws arrangements according to George Spencer Brown’s “Laws of Form”. The text input is converted to a graphical representation which can be saved as an image file. The current version supports up to six distinctions.

Update: Version 0.6 added a dialog-based method of building up form arrangements. Additionally, form scripts can now be saved as text files.

Hint 1: If you want an empty space or want to omit names for re-entries, just enter two quotation marks separated by a space (i.e.: ” “) in the respective dialogs.

Hint 2: When saving a script file, make sure you type in the file extension .txt after your file name. This is not added automatically, but necessary to re-open your file.

Version 0.6.2
Download for Mac OS X (Intel/PPC)

Download for Windows Vista/XP
More information on Laws of Form

Fello 1.0
Interactive improvisation system for acoustic instrument and computer. Developed at STEIM, Amsterdam in collaboration with cellist Andreas Otto.
More information

Live surround panning system and multichannel audio player. Audio part of the “noiseroom” installation by Jan St. Werner at STEIM, Amsterdam in 2006.

An alternative concept for a groovebox, to be used with a standard Behringer (TM) BCR-2000 MIDI-controller and a software sampler.

A homage to the synaesthetic experiments of the 1920s. MIDI input generates visuals with geometric forms in different shapes and colors. Chords result in arrangements of moving shapes, with their motion speed and opacity derived from the playing style.

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